Operation and Management

Health care is an extremely diverse industry management that focusses on product creation and service development, and the efficiency with which both are distributed. 

It broadly includes managing high skilled workforce with semi- skilled support staff, handling purchases and monitoring inventory.

The focus areas are supply chain, vendor monitoring, having a healthy cashflow and profitability in tandem with quality, patient’s faith and adaptability for good practice. Lack of focus strategy and insight can make the system overuse or underuse resources with disastrous results. Knee jerk cost control make inefficiently manage costs that cut down on budgets, limiting the good practices, technology and equipment that should be used to provide necessary amenities. This affects service. It is advisable to focus on core expertise, strength and discuss how we can synergize and complement effort with our MO&.. by a well-experienced highly motivated agile professional team. 

Our aim will always be to strategize, operate and manage healthcare services and streamline costs and to create necessary funding to maintain adequate levels and quality of services offered on our behalf. Our specialized team include qualified experienced doctors and seasoned administrators experienced in JCI, NABH, NABL quality and managing 500 bedded hospital.

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